We all need somebody to lean on.

Everyone and anyone who wants to contribute to menstrual discussion is welcome here.

We want to help shift the conversation to one that is inclusive, nurturing and supportive… stigma, shame & narratives of hysteria, your time is up!

On our mission to improve diagnostic pathways and create personalised pain management solutions, we can make a difference by building a supportive community that shares accurate and reliable information, supported by experts as well as other menstruators. That way we’ve got the power to help ourselves as much as we help others – education is at the heart of being able to communicate symptoms, manage pain and ultimately, improve menstrual care for all of us!

We encourage you all to let it all hang loose here, share, offer and receive support and most importantly, love yourselves!

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Building a safe space to allow everyone to express themselves requires some sort of management, this is why we ask everyone to register to our forum with a valid email. Before you register you should also have a look at our Kaleidas community guidelines .




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