Sustainable Menstrual CARE

11,000. The average number of toxic, disposable menstrual products used in just one lifetime. It doesn’t need to be this way.

Our mission to support you from your first period to your last supports our planet too.

Innovative, ethically produced and necessary products, sourced from the most exciting sustainable companies.

After all, we’re people with menstrual care needs, not human wallets. All the products in our shop are produced in line with our sustainability ethos.


We’ve scoured the impossibly large range of menstrual care products to curate a collection of the most ethical, sustainable and effective products available – so you don’t have to!

Sourcing the right menstrual care products can be a positive experience; we want our community to feel empowered about the choices they make, not used and confused!

Everything you see here is bleach-free, toxin-free and organic where relevant. Welcome to the Kaleidas community!


Stuck in the same old loops of pain, complain, over-explain?

It’s time to take control of our health, have confidence in our choices and live proactively. From menstrual care to self care.

Anticipating our hormonal changes before the fact can improve our symptoms in a big way.


Knowledge is power. Power is ours.

These materials are here to put you in control. With reliable and accurate research, understanding our bodies just got a lot easier.

Read, bleed and fill your boots with these resources!