Have you ever felt embarrassed about your period?

Us too, along with 56% of women*

Have you ever mislabelled your own anatomy?

Us too, along with 45% of women* who did not label their vagina accurately

Have you ever felt embarrassed about your period?

Us too, along with 56% of women*

Have you ever hidden your symptoms of menopause at work?

Again, you’re not alone. You’re among 33% of women* who do too

For many women*, it’s hard to count how many times they have experienced the above emotions.

That’s why we created Kaleidas.

sat firmly in the driving seat of your

menstrual health journey.

Our mission is to empower women* with complete control over their menstrual health through increased access to accurate information and personalised solutions that reliably support you from before your first period to beyond your last.

We are the femtech arm of electronRx; a deep tech company based in Cambridge, UK, founded in 2017 to bring together a team of world-class scientists and engineers who could transform how we deliver healthcare and treat disease across a number of conditions.

A large proportion of the electronRx team are women (a rare occurrence in tech startups!) and this triggered the development of our Ohmm device in 2018.

The aim of the Ohmm project is to develop a discreet, wearable period pain relief device that is super effective and will transform our understanding and treatment of dysmenorrhea (period pain), which we see to be a hugely prevalent yet desperately underserved healthcare problem that causes millions across the globe to suffer in silence every month.

Over the past 3 years, we have been working closely with women* to develop the device, which is entering clinical trials this year, but we haven’t stopped there.

From these conversations as well as our own experiences, we recognise the dire need for a go-to source of reliable information and support on all aspects of menstrual health, beyond just biology, that is inclusive, breaks down menstrual taboos, legitimises women*’s experiences and promotes access to outstanding menstrual healthcare.

Kaleidas is therefore not only a public resource, a safe online community with a hub of progressive experts, and an online marketplace to promote our own and other innovative, ethical products that can empower you to better manage your menstrual health – it’s a movement and a pivotal moment in history when we say enough is enough.

our mission


We want to inform women* using our knowledge and expertise, as well as our own experiences of menstruation.


We believe in the power of sharing experiences. Our online community aims to connect menstruators with other menstruators, in a safe and inclusive space, with support from our hub of experts in our forum.


We seek to provide women* with proactive and personalised solutions for managing their menstrual health. This ranges from the innovative products still being developed by our engineering and data science teams, to the products we stock here in our online shop.

In 2021, we were awarded grant funding from Innovate UK, a UK government-funded body, to supercharge our work.


Join our community and have your say as we embark on this journey together!

*At Kaleidas, we do not continue to hinge the notions of traditional femininity onto menstruation in a way that excludes people who menstruate but do not identify as a woman or female or those who identify as a woman or female but do not menstruate. Therefore, we have decided to adopt the terms ‘women*’ and ‘menstruator’ wherever we can, but we’re always looking to improve our inclusivity.

What words do you prefer to use to keep conversations around menstruation open and inclusive

Work with us

If you are a medical professional that would like to support our work or a company that would be interested in listing your products on our marketplace to help women* understand all of their options for managing their menstrual health, please get in touch!