There are only really two ways to get on our bad side here at Kaleidas. 

The first: sharing information that will hinder rather than help. 

At Kaleidas, we’re on a mission to filter out the fibs and create a one-stop place where anybody and everybody can access reliable, accurate and scientifically backed information about their periods. In consideration of this need for ACCURATE, RELIABLE info, please bear in mind that while we appreciate everyone’s contributions, misinformation, myths and the like will be removed from our space. Members found to repeatedly and consistently share misinformation will be asked to leave the community, subject to discussion between our team and any members impacted by the comments. 

The second: being actively unsupportive, abusive or offensive. 

It’s simple. Our page will be open to anybody who would like to contribute to discussions on the subject of menstruation. We want to help shift the conversation to one that is inclusive, nurturing and supportive; stigma, shame and narratives of hysteria, your time is up. Our space will be welcome to all whatever your gender, sexuality, race, age, economic background – and any hatred or blood policing will be met with zero-tolerance. Members using language that others might find offensive, diminishing others’ experiences or any behaviour that could constitute bullying will be asked to leave the community immediately, with no recourse. 

In general, managing misinformation and unsupportive behaviour are our focusses for creating a safe, engaging space to talk about menstruation. But before you go anywhere, there are a couple of things we’ll state as unacceptable, that we just have to say because that one kid did it one time and now there’s a ‘sign’ here..

Please don’t post any pictures of your bits… no shame, feel free to show any consenting friends, but there are those that will feel uncomfortable scrolling into your junk! 

Spam will be deleted as soon as it comes to our attention and without notice. 

Leave the politics off of the keyboard, well not entirely… but when talking about social issues please do not criticise others for their political beliefs.

Please do not incite comment or action against any medical professionals you have encountered. We are not the law and cannot hold specific people to account for their actions, please seek legal advice for any medical negligence cases. 

Right, now we’ve got that out the way we can get to what we came here for! Support, reliable information and COMMUNITY!  

We encourage you all to let it all hang loose here, share, offer and receive support and most importantly, love yourselves! Sound good? Bring some pals and join our journey to build a community space fit for all of us! Your input is always welcome.

Welcome to Kaleidas x