Write your own menstrual health story.

At Kaleidas we have a vision of menstrual health care that extends far beyond ibuprofen and contraception.
Our vision leverages the power of community to create menstrual health solutions informed by the people who need them.

There is a vast and unexplored melting pot of scenarios that affect the experience of menstruation, from the psychological impacts and medical barriers of being a non-woman menstruator to the intersectionality of disability and menstrual health conditions such as endometriosis, PCOS, PMDD, fibroids +++, interacting with hormonal shifts.

A one-stop source of knowledge.

We are inclusive, active and supportive of all menstruators – this is vital to the creation of a detailed tapestry of information on menstrual symptoms, experiences and desires for improvement that is so desperately lacking.

We connect patients and doctors to bridge the gap that results in so many tales of frustration and feelings of medical abandonment.

Knowledge is power.



We’ve scoured the impossibly large range of menstrual care products to curate a collection of the most ethical, sustainable and effective products available – so you don’t have to!


It’s time to take control of our health, have confidence in our choices and live proactively. From menstrual care to self care.


These materials are here to put you in control. With reliable and accurate research, understanding our bodies just got a lot easier.

For everyone.
By everyone.

With our community of menstruators and medical professionals, we will share accurate, reliable information that will materialise an incremental improvement on the way to substantive change, allowing people to understand and manage their cycles as well as communicate symptoms effectively.

A one-stop source of knowledge.