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Hey Anna,

Katie one of the Kaleidas moderators here! I’m sorry to hear you’re experiencing migraines, that’s no fun whenever it happens, menstrually related or not! One of my favourite methods of relieving migraines is putting a warm flannel over your feet and a cold one on your head, then swapping them every 15 or 20 mins – the temperature changes cause your blood vessels to restrict and expand and stimulates blood flow, usually works great for me, I hope it can help you too 🙂

So there is a link between migraines and menstruation, but there is no official test or way of diagnosing this – and the treatments are the same as those for migraines, but one way you can be sure for yourself if they are menstrually related is by keeping a diary of your periods & when migraines strike. The migraines are caused by falling oestrogen levels, which happens twice during a typical cycle – there is a rise during mid-follicular phase & drop after ovulation, then a rise again during mid-luteal phase & drop just before menstruation. So when you’re keeping your diary, there will likely be a link between falling oestrogen and migraines if your migraines are occurring after ovulation (the middle of your cycle, taking your first period day as the start of the cycle) and / or just before your period starts. If you keep a diary for about 3 months and your migraines are falling at those times, they are likely linked to your menstrual cycle.

Any further questions don’t hesitate to ask! We got you!

With love from team Kaleidas x